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37-55 91st St, Jackson Heights, NY 11372, USA

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Dr. Edwin H. Moreano, MD

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37-55 91st St, Jackson Heights, NY 11372, USA

Ingrid Bassett Rod
June 10, 2020

Very happy with my results. I had a baser lipo and BBL and my body has changed to be great. Went from XXL to a extra small girdle. Fantástico

Maria Tejada
December 27, 2019

My surgery was lipo Vaser and Brazilian butt lift . My waist is super small. My pants went from size 16 to 10 and I even have to have the tailor reduce it further because I have to do my thighs next. I am very happy. My coworkers are fascinated and they want to do it too. He is an artist.

Aleyda Rodriguez
September 05, 2019

I came to Dr. Moreano out of recommendation and I couldn’t be happier with the results. I got an eye procedure done the healing process was quick and no scarring. It looks natural he took 10 years off I feel and look amazing. Dr. Moreano made the experience wonderful I recommend him 100 percent to everyone he’s the best of the best!

Glenda Bonilla
February 14, 2020

He left me worst then I was before. This was as years ago and it's not geting better. He charged 11,000 dollars and he dident even do the job right.

R. Urena
November 23, 2019

This was my first experience with Plastic Surgery, and it was amazing! Dr. Moreano (and his staff) was very welcoming, kind and caring. I had Vaserlipo done by Dr. Moreano two months ago and I couldn’t be happier with my results. I could not have asked for a better doctor and office staff to help me achieve the results I was looking for. After spending many days searching for the best doctor, my sister asked me to check Dr. Moreano website. I viewed all of his work and read through his credentials and was pretty impressed (Top college, multiple awards, what more could I ask for). Then we decided to go ahead and schedule a consultation for Liposuction. The office staff was kind and welcoming. I received an appointment pretty quick, that’s what fit my schedule. During the initial consultation Dr. Moreano took his time to explore exactly what it was I was looking for and went through the procedure in detail with me. I was not sure what to expect during the consultation but my encounter with Dr. Moreano was so pleasant and relaxed that during the consultation I already knew I was going to book the surgery as soon as I could get a date. The office staff also made me so comfortable with my decision. They helped me through the finances and followed up with me right up to the date of surgery to see if I had any questions The day of the procedure I arrived at the facility early and the nurses and doctors there were nothing less than I had expected, friendly, warming, caring and very attentive. Also prior to the surgery Dr. Moreano came to see me, as I was getting a bit nervous as my surgery time approached and when I was getting the anesthesia Dr. Moreano was holding my hand which made me a bit more relaxed (it touches my heart). The procedure itself took less than two hours, I was in and out of in about 4 hours. Post procedure – they provided me with all post-operative directions to go home with. I had a follow up visit with Dr. Moreano the three days after surgery where I was finally able to see the results. Dr. Moreano felt they looked great and so did I, I could not be happier. I had surgery on a Friday and was feeling great by the weekend! I was able to return to my normal activities within a week, so I was very happy with that. Thank you, Dr. Moreano, for helping me achieve the results and confidence I was looking for. If you’re looking for a great, caring doctor Dr. Moreano is your man!

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